At Salmon’s Transfer, we understand that the moving business is not just about relocating things, but it involves peoples and their lives. We are a team of professionals all working together to make your move as stress-free as possible.

Moving Consultant

The certified moving consultant will meet with you prior to your move, complete a “cube” sheet, prepare a written estimate and provide moving advice and answers to your questions. Once your move is booked, they will communicate all of the details of your move to the operations department.


The operations department reviews the details of each move. If you have elected to pack your own items, they will arrange delivery of packing materials prior to your move. On moving day they assign proper staffing of crews and equipment required for the success of your move.


If you require packing service, an experienced crew of packers will be sent to your home, in uniform, on time, equipped with all the required packing materials. The packing crew will carefully pack all your smaller items in boxes.

Van Operator

The van operator will arrive at your door on the day of your move, on time, in uniform, with the appropriate crew, materials and equipment required for your move. He knows how to handle your possessions safely. Floor runners will be used to protect your floors, furniture pads will be used to safeguard your furniture. If you have any questions on moving day regarding your move, please address them to the “Van Operator”.

Unpacking / Carton removal

If you choose to have Salmon’s unpack you boxes, an unpacking crew will be sent to your residence. They will carefully unpack your belongings and place them on a counter or table for you to put away. They will also remove any empty boxes and paper from your residence at the end of the job. If you elect to do your own unpacking, you can arrange for Salmon’s to pick up the empty, flattened cartons.

At any time during the process of moving, if you have any questions or concerns, you are encouraged to call either your sales consultant or our customer service department.

Meet Our Team

Allister T

Owner Operator - Residential Mover

Brad C

Owner Operator - Residential Mover

Jerrod F

Owner Operator - Commercial Mover