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Transit Protection

Salmon's Transfer is committed to providing clients with everything they need in order to make informed decisions on all aspects of their move. It is important that you carefully consider your options when it comes to protecting your possessions.

To ensure you have adequate coverage, it is imperative that you properly “value” your possessions. You should consider the cost of replacing everything, should a major disaster occur. Below are the two options available for both local and long distant moves.

Plan A – Released Protection

Under this plan you will be reimbursed for loss and/or damage up to sixty (60) cents per pound per article. This means that in the event of damage or loss, you will be reimbursed sixty cents per pound based on the weight of the damaged/lost item. This coverage is required by law under the “Motor Carrier Act” and there is no cost to you for this basic coverage. This released protection is generally not sufficient to replace your items in the event of damage or loss. However, you can check with your personal homeowner insurance broker to see if they will extend coverage for your goods during your move.

Plan B – Replacement Protection

This plan provides coverage up to the replacement cost of your item(s) based on today’s market price for an item(s) of like quality and kind. Maximum coverage is limited to the dollar amount you declare on your moving contract. Your declared value must not be less than $10.00 per pound multiplied by the weight of your shipment. Any items of extraordinary value should be disclosed on a “High Value Inventory” sheet. This coverage is available at a reasonable cost and is well worth the peace of mind it will provide to you.

Your sales consultant will be happy to discuss “Transit Protection” options with you.

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Transit Protection Plans for your Household Goods Shipment
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