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Moving to another country is not an easy step; Even if you are moving to our neighbor, the United States, that can be very close to some Canadian cities, the process involves a lot of details that it is necessary to pay attention.

If you are moving from Canada to USA, you will probably need to take care of your new documents, work or study visa, bank account, your pets, your family’s adaptation and, of course, taking your household items together with you. We know you will have to handle countless details to resettle, but you do not need to worry about carrying your furniture: Salmon Transfer will bring to you.


Besides having your documentation completed – it means, that you are legally allowed to move to the United States -, there are some things you should know about moving there. The first thing is that most of your personal belongings can enter in the US with you; it is just necessary to show that your items have been yours and you have been using them for more than one year, so everything will pass the U.S. duty-free with no problem. But it is necessary to declare new items or antiques with less than 100 years. Some electronics, consumable items, vehicles and other equipment may be dutiable – it is a good idea to contact the nearest U.S. Consulate in your area before you go.

All set? Now you can sit back and enjoy the trip: our team of professional movers will take care of your belongings. From packing to driving your items, Salmon Transfer will bring your beloved items to your new address in your new country. Just remember: the only thing we cannot transport due to the USA regulations is alcohol – so you may want to check that wine collection. Besides that, we are always ready to go.

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As experienced Canadian movers, we work not only with long distance moving but also with local moving, office relocations and commercial moving. Besides those services, if you need some additional strength to lift some extra-heavy objects, you can rest assured that we are pretty used to transport hard-to-move items.

We are very serious about your time and well-being – we are sure that you and your family do not want to start your new life in the US worried about the moving process and that you will want every minute you have to explore your new city. That’s why we work hard to guarantee that all your personal needs are fulfilled and that you will experience a happy and 100% stress-free move.

We are known for our reliable, affordable full moving services. Our clients love us because we take care of everything, from packing to driving your items anywhere you want, in a fast and very experienced way – we have over 100 years of successful moving history, across Canada, to USA and overseas.

If you are moving from Canada to USA to start a new life, choose the stress-free way to go: let Salmon Transfer take care of your moving needs. Check out our Check our online calculator and get an estimative of your moving price now.