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What happens to your life when you decide to move to another country? Maybe if you get a job opportunity in Europe or will get transferred to China? Of course, you will have to take care of a lot of things – new documents, work visa, accommodation, life insurance, etc. But there is one thing that you don’t need to worry about: taking your household items with you. If you are moving overseas, just name your destination and Salmon Transfer will make your items get there to you.

As an international moving company, we have been helping Canadian families move everywhere for more than 100 years. We provide local and long-distance moving services, including overseas – literally anywhere in the globe. Our team of professional movers is always ready to provide you the best services, including packing your items so you can take care of other details of your moving process.


If you choose Salmon Transfer, your overseas moving process will be simple and 100% stress-free. Here is the plan:

  1. Decide where you want to go – from Japan to Argentina, we got your back anywhere in the world;
  2. Check your new country’s rules about what you can bring – at some locations you may need to show proof that your belongings are in fact yours or maybe state it if you are moving antiques;
  3. Let us know what are your requirements – we will need to know about your furniture, your destination and your expected day to move;
  4. We will pack and move everything you want to take with you;
  5. Buy your tickets, enjoy your trip and meet us there!

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As your overseas moving company, we completely understand that moving to a new continent is not always that easy – we know that because we moved thousands of families in the last century. That’s why we are very serious about helping you to start your new life without any complications and making your loved belongings get there to you in the agreed time. Our goal is to ensure you that you can relax and focus on other things you would rather be doing, like taking care of your family when reallocating.

Besides being your local, long-distance and oversea movers, you will be glad to know that we are pretty used to transport hard-to-move items – so your old and precious piano is safe with us. We also offer office relocations and commercial moving: that way we can assure that we cover 100% of any moving need.

Together with the best service of our team of movers and packers, we can rest assured that all your items are safe: not only you will get fast, experienced and affordable services, but also can count on a network of agents that will ensure that your move is monitored, from start to finish.

Wherever you are going, choose the best: Salmon Transfer’s highly experienced team of overseas movers will take care of everything you need to make your moving process an amazing experience. Check our online calculator and get estimative of your moving price.