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Qualities to Look for in a Good moving and storage Company

Moving from one location to the other in Vancouver can be stressful because of the many tasks involved in the process. This is why you should not try to move without the help of a professional moving company. There are many moving companies in Vancouver, so getting one that can help you should never be a big issue. However, with the many companies, you are also likely to make mistakes. Thus, due diligence is required to ensure you have the right moving company on your side to help. Below are some of the top qualities to look for when choosing a Vancouver moving company.

Professional and friendly staff

As you move, you will be dealing with the staff of the Vancouver moving and storage company you hire in Vancouver. You do not want to work with staff who will give you more stress instead of making the moving process easy for you. Therefore, before you enter into any agreement with a Vancouver moving company, make sure you understand their staff. They need to be professional and friendly to clients. You can understand this when you are consulting or the way they communicate when you call the company to make inquiries.  They need to be courteous and attentive, thereby showing their dedication to meet all your moving needs effectively.

State of the art moving equipment

Moving from one area to the other in Vancouver is a labor-intensive project that needs state of the art equipment to complete. For high level efficiency, you should only hire a Vancouver moving company with the right equipment to get the job done fast and safely. Ensure that the company has moving cars, storage boxes and other equipment that ensure no loses occurs during the moving process. Besides, right moving equipment control injuries that may occur due to pool handling.


As you move, you do not want delays or other form of inconvenience.  Therefore, it is important you work with a company that is known to be punctual and never disappoints clients. The best way to understand the punctuality of a moving company is to check reviews from their past clients. A good Vancouver moving and storage company should observe time and adhere to the agreement signed. A punctual company ensures that you also arrive at your final destination within the right time and settle down effectively.


Moving can be an expensive process, therefore you need to work with an affordable Vancouver moving and storage company to avoid straining your budget. You should compare the rates charged by the different moving companies to get the most affordable one.  Make sure the company provides you an accurate estimate and offer full quotes. Avoid those that do not provide full quotes because you may be disappointed with extra charges at the end.  Besides, avoid some that ask for prior payments.


Fully licensed moving and storage Business

Like when you are looking for other professionals, you should only work with a fully insured and licensed moving and storage company. This is an indication they are qualified and adhere to all regulations set in the moving industry. You have peace of mind working with such a moving company.

Moving & Storage in British Columbia

Moving and Storage with Salmons Transfer means:

  • A free non-obligation in-home estimate by an Professional moving consultant
  • Guaranteed pickup and delivery dates & time at the quoted price
  • You will get a plan from your move supervisor detailing logistics, timeframe for every service included in your package.
  • Versatility in shipping everything, just the big item, or just the breakable goods.
  • Our professional moving team arrives on time for pickup and delivery
  • Heated box storage always available until the load is ready for travel
  • Your furniture and belongings get protected with a blankets wrapped, and boxed by a human, then unpacked at their final location
  • Our Staff use comprehensive inventory tags systems to pack, load, and put everything in its proper place.
  • You receive a detailed inventory list of all items packed and moved to ensure uniformity and clearness
  • Salmons Transfer rolls out clean and quality carpet when they arrive to protect all your floors during the entire move
  • No cash is required upon arrival at your final location
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