2015 Congratulatory Letter
Atlas Canada

April 1, 2015

Dear Doug;

On behalf of Atlas Canada, I would like to offer my personal congratulations to all of the management and staff at Salmon’s Transfer for your continuing focus on quality and remaining within the top five percent of quality ratings in the country. To think that the majority of this exceptional rating is based upon a direct response to our client surveys based upon how they perceived Salmon’s moving service delivery is fabulous. Our joint clients love Salmon’s; their people and their dedication to service.

Achieving results such as this does not happen by chance. It is a result of a great amount of hard work, dedication, discipline and attention to customer’s needs. I know from personal experience that Salmon’s is a company that does not take short cuts when it comes to providing service to its customers. The associates who work for Salmon’s are well trained, experienced and committed to making moving a little less stressful for families they serve. And this has been done year after year since the inception of our quality measurement and recognition programs dating back to the early 90’s.

We are very proud to have a company of Salmon’s caliber as part of Atlas Van Lines. You set a positive example for each of our agents throughout North America. You Doug, as a long time member of Atlas’ Board of Directors, have generously shared your knowledge and ideas with the entire organization and have greatly assisted in setting a positive direction for our company as a whole. You and Salmon’s have helped Atlas to become a more quality conscious and customer focused organization. You certainly have been a key driving force and we can never thank you enough for this level of involvement.

Yours truly,

Fred Haladay
Senior Vice President & Chief Commercial Officer
Salmon’s Transfer was very privileged to play a part in the amazing story of this Fazioli piano.

You can view the story of this piano, the matching cabinet and painting in the video below.

Piano tour for the Bergmann Duo. This past fall we were privileged to provide transportation of pianos for the Bergmann Duo tours – one to Vancouver Island and the second to the Kootenay region of BC. Below are some comments we received in regards to these tours:

Dear Doug, Kirk, Russel, Darryl:

Well, with your incredible assistance and participation, the Bergmann Duo tours for this season have been successfully completed! We want to add a loud and positive "thank you" to everyone involved.

Those of us who planned this amazing logistical feat with you, watched with utter admiration while the front-line troops [that is Russel and Darryl] actually undertook the task at hand. Town after town has reported to us that it really was not at all as difficult or complicated as they had feared.

Indeed, when I think back to the touring concert world of half a century ago, there were dozens of such piano duos out on the road, often driving their own trucks and supervising the loading and unloading themselves, [as well as playing the concerts!]. In contrast, the Bergmann-Salmon formula seems like a superb working model for future tours.

I am sure that Elizabeth and Marcel have expressed their profound appreciation to both drivers. I just wanted to add this note of thanks from our management perspective. You allowed us to feel utterly confident throughout the two tours. We were well aware of miserable weather, long drives, and occasional early load-ins, and we may have been glued each day to the DriveBC website, but in the end we knew that in your capable professional hands everything would proceed as hoped for! You certainly didn't disappoint us. Thanks to everyone along the line.

George Zukerman

Hello everyone!

We would also like to express our deepest thanks and gratitude for having such a wonderful 'team'. This whole endeavour was only possible due to enthusiasm, willingness and complete professionalism of all involved. It has been an overwhelming experience!

We wanted to let you know that audiences were SO grateful and appreciative to have us visit their communities and were completely in awe of the 2 exquisite instruments we brought with us. This was something so unique for these communities and we are sure they will be remembering it for a very long time. Many people came up to us to tell us they had never heard anything like this before.

Thanks to Manuel for his absolute enthusiasm, excitement and support in the project! Thanks to Doug, Kirk, Russell and Darryl for their incredible contributions(it made things SO easy for us to know the pianos would be so well taken of). Thanks to Sylvie for her fantastic organizational skills on all levels(you thought of everything!) and thanks to George for his vision in making this project come to fruition!

With the warmest wishes and big hugs to all!
Elizabeth and Marcel

A Review from the Oliver Daily News can be found at http://oliverdailynews.com/concert-review/. This was just one stop on the most recent tour.


100th anniversary winners

  • August 2013 – St Thomas More Collegiate Ltd – won $1,000 towards the cost of their move!
  • July 2013 – Brian Dougaled – won cost of his move for free!
  • June 2013 – Wascana Restoration Ltd – won $1,000 towards cost of their move.
  • May 2013 – Lorelee & Murdock Coe – won cost of move for free!
  • April 2013 – RVH Tee & Son (England) Ltd – won cost of their move for free!
  • March 2013 – Optimal Machinery – won cost of their move for free!
  • February 2013 – Fisher Scientifique Ltee – won for the 2nd time their move for free!
  • January 2013 – Tom Lee Music – won cost of their move for free!
  • December 2012 – Fisher Scientifique Ltee – won cost of their move for free!
  • November 2012 – ADB Engineering – won cost of their move for free!
  • October 2012 – Ms. Shirley Wilson – won move for her baby grand piano for free!
  • September 2012 – David Seabrook – won move for his 2 pianos for free!
  • August 2012 Winner

    Congratulations to our August 2012 winner – Cal & Victoria Everett! Cal was present with a cheque by our sales consultant Victoria Elliott.
August winner
  • July 2012 Winner

    July 2012 winner Karen Hoffman is presented a cheque for $1,000 by our sales representative, Victoria Elliott. Congratulations Karen!
July winner
  • Congratulations to our first winner!

    Avis won the cost of her move for June 2012. Avis was presented with a cheque by Sherry from our sales department.
First winner
  • Excited at the prospect of investing in the company they enjoy working for; a group of 11 Salmon’s employees has purchased a retiring shareholder’s stake. We welcome this group of enthusiastic owners and look forward to them bringing their expertise and commitment to the management of Salmon’s Transfer.
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