20 Sep

Moving with Kids

Tips for Moving With Children Moving to a new apartment or home in Vancouver can be stressful, especially when you are moving with kids. There is a new part of the city to get used to, new roads to learn, new attractions to explore and new things to discover. These cases are hard to accomplish […]

16 Sep

What you need to know about Richmond before Moving

Moving to Richmond Just twenty minutes south of Downtown Vancouver, in an area defined by unique geography and cultural influence, you’ll find Richmond, BC. Richmond is quickly becoming a peak destination in the greater Vancouver area and evolving from a small rural farming town into a developing municipality with all the characteristics of a healthy […]

12 Sep

Moving Waldo

Moving is often synonymous of stress, long administrative tasks and a significant waste of time and money. Here is an online concierge service to organize your move! We invite you to discover our free moving tools available to all. • Update accounts • Connect Internet, TV and Phone. • Secure home and auto insurance • […]

09 Sep

What you need to know about Cloverdale before Moving

A Robust Reputation Cloverdale has a rich agricultural history, incepting in the mid 1800s mainly as a rural farming community. However, due to the area’s primary location and strategic railway connections, it blossomed into a commercial powerhouse coming into the modern area. Within Cloverdale you’ll find a bustling commercial area downtown with tons of shops, […]

20 Aug

Moving With Pets

Moving With Pets – Before, During and After the Move Moving into a new home can be a little bit stressful for pets. Unlike humans, pets can take a considerable long period to adapt to their new environment. Moving with pets requires a bit of preparation beforehand. It can be very easy for homeowners to […]

15 Jul

Tips for moving to Tsawassen

Tsawassen is a small seaside municipality in the southwest region of Delta, British Columbia. Tsawassen is absolutely gorgeous and has convenient access to Vancouver proper, so it’s understandably blossoming into a more robust community each year. While it’s easy to see why Tsawassen is a beautiful place to live, moving to a new home can […]

10 Jul

Tips for Moving to Pitt Meadows

What you need to know before moving to Pitt Meadows Pitt Meadows is a slowly growing community about 45 minutes east of downtown Vancouver.  As more and more people realize the expansive beauty and appeal of the surrounding Vancouver area, they are looking to places like Pitt Meadows to find their new home. However, adapting […]

28 Jun

Tips for moving to Whistler

Below are some essential tips for moving into Whistler and some advice which we hope will guide you in discovering your new home. If you want more tips and advice to move in Whistler take a look at our Whistler Moving dedicated page.   Pack all of your outdoor equipment: Whistler has some of the […]

31 May

Picnic’s in the Summer

Stanley Park, a natural beauty that will enchant you! Explore on your own by bike or on foot. Take a guided tour and enjoy breathtaking views on-board a horse-drawn carriage, trolley, or bus while you learn about the park’s rich history. What is even better? Choose the perfect day for a Picnic! Salmon’s Transfer is […]

13 May

Salmon’s Transfer Annual Golf Tournament

Everyone loves a day in the sun. What better way to enjoy a Sunday then a friendly Golf Tournament. Salmon’s Transfer is holding its Annual Golf Tournament this year on June 9th 2019 for all its employees and friends. Registration is at 930am and tee-off is 10am sharp. Located at the Mylora Sidaway Golf Club […]