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Moving Packing in Richmond

“To Pack or Not to Pack?  That is the question”

Appropriate packing is an essential part of any household move. When deciding whether to do your own packing or not, you have to ask yourself “Do I have the time to pack my own belongings?” Moving is very stressful process, with many deadlines and arrangements to make. Salmon’s Transfer has an award winning packing team that can take care of your packing needs so that you can focus on other things.

Our certified sales consultants will be happy to provide you with an estimate for the cost of packing and unpacking if required. They will also advise you of any items that would require crating, such as marble table tops, large pictures, sculptures or delicate antiques.

We have a wide spectrum of packing cartons that range from the small “book” carton up to the large wardrobe cartons, used for hanging clothing. We also have specialized cartons for large flat screen TV’s.

If you elect to do your own packing, Salmon’s has an excellent “Refundable Material Program” for local residential moves. This program allows you to use professional materials at a low cost. Ask your sales consultant for details regarding materials required and costs. For packing tips and helpful suggestions, check out our “Packing Guide“.

Overseas Moving

Overseas shipments, via ocean or air require special preparation. All furniture must be wrapped in corrugated cardboard to protect it during transport. Our crews are specially trained to handle the packing and preparation for overseas shipments. Request a quote for your overseas move – origin or destination services.

Affordable Moving Packing in Richmond for 2020

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