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Are you relocating, renovating, or simply need extra space? Entrust your cherished belongings to Salmon’s Transfer, British Columbia’s premier residential storage solution. Nestled in the heart of BC, our facilities are more than just storage units; they’re extensions of your home.

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Every homeowner in the Lower Mainland knows the importance of space. But with space, comes the need for safety, accessibility, and flexibility. At Salmon’s Transfer, we guarantee all three. Our state-of-the-art facilities are equipped to keep your items safe, no matter how long you choose to store them. And with our range of equipment, from box dollies to protective blankets, moving items in and out of storage is a breeze.

But it isn’t just our facilities that make us the top choice for residential storage. It’s our people. Every team member, from our storage consultants to our ground staff, has been vetted through rigorous background checks. When you choose Salmon’s, you’re choosing a team that treats your belongings with the respect and care they deserve.

Expand your home’s boundaries. Choose Salmon’s Transfer for all your residential storage needs in BC.


Why Trust Salmon’s Transfer for Your Residential Storage Needs?

1. Secure Facilities: Our storage units are designed to keep your belongings safe and intact.

2. Flexible Storage Options: From short-term to long-term, we cater to varied residential storage requirements.

3. Accessible & Convenient: Easily accessible locations in BC, making the storage process hassle-free for you.

4. Full Equipment Availability: With tools from box dollies to protective blankets, we ensure a smooth transition to storage.

5. Safety Commitment: Peace of mind is essential. All our staff undergo background checks for guaranteed trustworthiness.

6. Local Understanding: Serving the heart of the Lower Mainland and BC, we know your storage needs intimately.

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Ready for a hassle-free moving experience? Contact us today and let Salmon’s Transfer make your next move your best move! From packing to transportation to storage, we manage every detail meticulously, letting you focus on the excitement of your new beginning.

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