10 Jul

Pitt Meadows is a slowly growing community about 45 minutes east of downtown Vancouver.  As more and more people realize the expansive beauty and appeal of the surrounding Vancouver area, they are looking to places like Pitt Meadows to find their new home. However, adapting to new surroundings can be difficult, so it’s useful to know what to expect beforehand. For just this reason, listed below are some crucial tips for moving to the Pitt Meadows area so that you can be prepared and excited to settle into your new home.

Be ready to embrace the great outdoors

Pitt Meadows is surrounded by looming mountains, green spaces, rivers, and North America’s largest Tidal Lake. These provide for a whole litany of hiking trails walking trails, ski slopes, aqua activities and more for the residents of the area. Whether or not you’re a true naturalist, the surrounding wildlife is massively beneficial for the quality of life in Pitt Meadows.

Expect true stability

Some cold hard facts about Pitt Meadows are as follows; Families here have an average household income of $64,784 annually, over 20% higher than B.C.’s average. Additionally, almost 3/4’s of Pitt Meadows residents have some form of post-secondary education. What does this mean for you? Ingrained economic stability which stems from consistently balanced job production, as well as ensuring that you become part of an intellectual and thoughtful community. These aspects make Pitt Meadows durable both socially and economically.

Become part of a haven for the arts

Pitt Meadows has a quickly blossoming arts and cultural community. Several annual festivals are held seasonally which feature music, visual exhibition, and more specific showcases such as the July Air Show or the Caribbean Street Festival. Additionally, the Maple Ridge Pitt Meadows Arts Council continues to ensure the proliferation and improvement of arts-related events, festivals, and institutions. In particular, the ACT Arts Centre and Theatre have been run by the council for 40 years, acting as an epicentre for the art creation and education throughout the community.

Rest easy in terms of getting around

Transportation around the Pitt Meadows area is a breeze as commuter trains, and buses make navigating to and from the downtown Vancouver area both quick and straightforward. Additionally, Pitt Meadows has acted historically as a transportation hub for the greater Vancouver area, meaning the infrastructure and road network here is in top-notch shape.

Know that sustainability remains crucial to this area

86% of the Pitt Meadows area is part of the B.C. agricultural land reserve, making it protected land. Indeed, the surrounding topography includes 200-year-old watersheds, floodplains, dense forests, wetlands, and natural wildlife habitats. Accordingly, the municipality and community in Pitt Meadows place a high priority on environmentally sustainable living practices and a mutually respectful relationship with the surrounding nature.

Now armed with the knowledge of the critical aspects of Pitt Meadows, you can feel comfortable making it the premier location in which to find your new home. Hopefully, these tips will aid you in discovering the real character of the sublime area that is Pitt Meadows.

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