15 Jul

Tsawassen is a small seaside municipality in the southwest region of Delta, British Columbia. Tsawassen is absolutely gorgeous and has convenient access to Vancouver proper, so it’s understandably blossoming into a more robust community each year. While it’s easy to see why Tsawassen is a beautiful place to live, moving to a new home can be a harrowing experience, one which is aided only by being as informed as possible. For precisely this purpose, we’ve assembled a list of key things to know about Tsawassen so you can rest easy should you wish to make this place your new home.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the area

– Residents have described Tsawassen as a more suburban, small-town Vancouver in which farmland and beaches replace the mountains and forests. That being said, the Tsawassen area is beautiful, particularly if you’re a fan of wider open spaces, aqua related activities, and balanced topography. Tsawassen lends itself to activities like golfing and ferry rides, things you’ll hopefully enjoy should you choose to live here.

You may want to plan a commute

– While navigating and reaching Downtown Vancouver is straightforward, traffic and rush hour congestion do have somewhat of a reputation with Tsawassen’s working population. However, the people here have developed strategies to ease such difficulties; for example, many individuals carpool in this tight-knit community. Additionally, the municipality has expressed optimism that the partial-replacement for the Massey Bridge will ease the flow of traffic to and from downtown Vancouver.

Summer is the prime season

Tsawassen is one of the most popular summer locations in all of Delta. It’s in no small part due to Centennial Beach, one of the largest soft-sand beaches in Vancouver that also features walking trails and volleyball. Tsawassen is also a prime location for other summer activities like windsurfing in Boundary Bay and expansive cycling trails. This means a high influx of tourists in the summer months which keep the local businesses happy, but also that those who live here get to experience the summer to its full extent in their own town.

It’s more of a family town than anything else

Tsawassen may not be the prime choice should you wish to indulge in nightlife or frequent bars and clubs. However, it is incredibly safe, has reputable school districts, and a very cohesive community all which make it a choice area to raise a family. In addition, the surrounding nature provides a swath of activities which are fun and accessible for all ages.

There’s plenty to explore

While Tsawassen might seem slightly sparse, there’s plenty to explore. The Tsawassen Quay market has a ton of authentic shops, restaurants, and coffee spots to check out, and the main drag has even more to offer. Simply put, don’t be discouraged, because Tsawassen is much more than initially meets the eye.

Ideally, these tips will help you make key decisions as you orient yourself while searching for a new home. If it turns out Tsawassen is the ideal place to do so, you’re sure to be satisfied given your now total preparedness. Happy house hunting! Contact Salmon’s Transfer if you need a quote for your future move in Tsawassen.