Tips for moving to Whistler in 2021 by Salmons transfer

Tips for moving to Whistler in 2021 by Salmons transfer

Below are some essential tips for moving into Whistler and some advice that we hope will guide you in discovering your new home. If you want more tips and advice to move in Whistler take a look at our Whistler Moving dedicated page.


    1. Pack all of your outdoor equipment: Whistler has some of the best hiking, biking, and skiing trails in the entire world. It is an absolute dream for wilderness buffs and even more for those just getting a taste for the outdoorsy lifestyle. When it comes to mountain trails, Whistler has the top global selection, period.


    1. Get ready to eat, drink, and shop like royalty: Being the destination that it is, Whistler also hosts some of the best dining and shopping in all of Canada. The spectrum within the village ranges from the most exclusive exceptional dining locations to the coziest of casual digs, all done to the highest degree of quality. In addition, you’ll have peak access to luxury stores, grocery shops and businesses with all the necessities, as well as gear and clothing stores to keep you at top performance while on the mountains. Whistler has a satisfactory answer for any consumer want you might have.


    1. Dust off your dancing shoes: People in Whistler, visitors or not, love to hit the slopes during the day and the clubs during the night, meaning the nightlife in Whistler is superb. Both due to its permanent resident population and mainly to its high influx of yearly tourists, Whistler’s nightclubs enjoy capacity stretching visitation year round. For the party animal in us all, Whistler can undoubtedly deliver.


    1. You don’t need to pay through the nose: although living in Whistler village can become pricey, there is a place in Whistler for everyone. Within the surrounding area and neighbourhoods, you’ll find condos, apartments, and houses on a broad spectrum of prices. It doesn’t have to be expensive to live in a fantastic place.


    1. Business is Booming: Whistler is consistently one of the top vacation destinations in Canada. What this means for residents is that the tourism industry here powerfully galvanizes the economy. For business owners or individuals involved in any service industry, Whistler is a dream location to set up shop, with an average annual household income of $106,411. Here in Whistler, opportunities are abounding.


    1. Be pleasantly surprised by a central Community: While Whistler’s reputation is a population of ski-bums and vacationers, the permanent population diverts from that stereotype. Much of the community in Whistler is made up of longtime residents who have lived with their families in Whistler for a long time. This makes for a core community with serious integrity that is a pleasure to be a part of.



Now that you know the critical facets of Whistler’s true character, you’re ready to explore all it has to offer. So what are you waiting for? Work with one of our agents to move in your new home in Whistler today!

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