Tips for Moving With Children in 2021 by Salmons Transfer

Tips for Moving With Children

Moving to a new apartment or home in Vancouver can be stressful, especially when you are moving with kids. There is a new part of the city to get used to, new roads to learn, new attractions to explore and new things to discover. These cases are hard to accomplish when you are doing it by yourself. However, if you are bringing your children with you, moving can become even a greater challenge.

Leaving behind friends, changing schools, switching environments and giving up familiar routines for an entirely new environment can be very horrible for many children. Thus, before moving you and your kids to your new Vancouver home, there are some things to bear in mind. To ensure a smooth Vancouver move, here are the basic tips you need.

Before the Move:

1.    Let your children be aware of the move

Before planning a move, let your children be aware as soon as you can. The goal here is not only to make them aware but to keep their eagerness high for the move. When your children are eager for the move, you won’t have many issues to deal with after the move.

2.    Assign tasks to each kid

If you have a couple of kids, let them participate actively in the moving process. Ask for opinions on how they want their new home to look like, the kind of environment they love, the kind of school they will love to attend next and so on. By doing this, you are making them responsible for their decisions and putting a lot of pressure off you.

During the Move:

3.    Involve your kids in the packing

Let your kids do some packing especially when it comes to their personal belongings. This will add a little more fun for everybody. Also, doing this will make kids find their things easier at the new apartment.

4.    Pack an overnight bag

When you have small toddlers and or a newborn, it is extremely important to pack a 24hr bag. Do I have enough diapers and change of clothes? Did I pack everything to ensure the bedtime routine goes smooth with everything I may need. Does your baby need medication or formula? Don’t forget to pack that as well in the overnight bag. Many times, you maybe scrambling to find a box for that afternoon nap in your new home once the movers have unloaded. Ensure you have the necessities in your car to stay stress free!

After the Move:

5.    Don’t unpack all at once

Don’t spend all of your few days in your new house unpacking your loads. This can turn out to become boring for your kids. With the eagerness in your kid, it is ideal to put down the boxes and take your kids out to explore your new environment. Go for a walk, visit stores, and check out some attractions.

6.    Ask for your kids’ input

Don’t always be the one deciding where to go and what to do. Instead, ask your kids for ideas and see how to incorporate them into your plans. Allow your children to think and propose their preferred design for their new rooms.

7.    Maintain the daily routines

Although you have moved to a new environment, you have to gradually adapt and not instantly. Perhaps you moved from the city to a rural area, you should try to stick to your previous routine while you gradually adjust. These routines can include sleep hours, meal times, bedtime routines, etc.

Bottom line

If you are planning a move with your kids, it is best to hire a reputable and efficient Vancouver moving company to help with planning and executing your move. Salmon’s Transfer ltd is a licensed and certified moving company in Vancouver with an enviable track of success. With over 106 years of professional experience, we have the required expertise to successfully oversee your next move within, from, and to the city.

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