09 Sep

A Robust Reputation

Cloverdale has a rich agricultural history, incepting in the mid 1800s mainly as a rural farming community. However, due to the area’s primary location and strategic railway connections, it blossomed into a commercial powerhouse coming into the modern area. Within Cloverdale you’ll find a bustling commercial area downtown with tons of shops, variety, and premier restaurants. In more residential areas of the city, you’ll be able to appreciate mature architecture and unique heritage buildings.

Central Activities

There is often a whole lot going on in Cloverdale. Most notably, the Cloverdale fairgrounds plays host to the annual Cloverdale Rodeo, an event which draws on the area’s history of farming and ranching and has become one of western Canada’s most popular events. You’ll also discover the more perennial activities of Cloverdale’s community such as shooting a round at the Cloverdale Golf and Country Club, perusing the Frasier Grounds Racetrack and Casino, or experiencing one of the area’s premiere museums like the Surrey museum and archives. Put simply, Cloverdale is not the kind of place you might want to escape in order to have a day of fun for the family, rather, it is the energy of Cloverdale itself which draws people in from the surrounding area.

Beautiful Surroundings

Another aspect that makes day to day life in Cloverdale sublime is the area itself; it’s beautiful. Cloverdale proper features masses of green space, parks, and fauna. Additionally, the main street has a reserved historic vibe, complemented by residential areas which are decidedly contemporary. Just walking around some of the slaloming streets and cul-de-sacs one gets a true feel for the area.

Core Community

Last but not least are the people of Cloverdale themselves. This area is primarily populated by families and the values of the community certainly affect that. You’ll encounter a municipality which is consistently engaged in a positive dialogue with its constituents as well as a body of people who cares about investing in their future. This makes for a truly welcoming community in Cloverdale and one which is a pleasure to be a part of.

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