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A business move is not just about shifting furniture from one location to another. It’s about moving forward, embracing growth, and setting the stage for new possibilities. At Salmon’s Transfer, we get that!

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Business Moves, Mastered

Operating in the heart of British Columbia, we’ve helped numerous businesses across the Lower Mainland make their big move. Whether it’s a small office space or a large commercial enterprise, our team, backed with top-notch moving equipment, ensures that every item is relocated without a hitch. From computers to conference tables, every asset is handled with care, wrapped with our high-quality plastic wraps and protective blankets, ensuring they reach the new location in pristine condition.

But it’s not just the logistics. We understand the importance of trust, especially when it involves your business assets. That’s why all our staff members come with a clean background check, ensuring the integrity of your move.

Turn the page to a new business chapter with confidence. Choose Salmon’s Transfer for a commercial move that’s efficient, safe, and tailored to your business needs.


 Why Choose Salmon’s Transfer for Your Commercial Moving Needs?

1. Owned and Operated by Our Own: Our Moving teams are managed by over 100+ combined years of Moving Experience. Each truck is Owned and Operated by Salmon’s Professional Owner Operator. Each takes Pride and Professionalism in handling your Office Relocation with precision. 

2. Advanced Equipment: No office is too big or complex. Our Moving Trucks are AIR RIDE and manage a Heavy Duty Tailgate that can handle all your Specialty Equipment. We move what other moving companies won’t move. The tools we provide ensure a seamless and efficient move every time. 

3. Specialized Handling: Office equipment, electronics, or paperwork, our trained staff packs and moves with utmost precision.

4. Safety and Integrity: All our Moving Team members have undergone rigorous background checks and training. Trust is our priority.

5. Local Expertise: Based in BC, we have over 110 years of moving you. Our crews have been in almost all of the Office Buildings throughout Vancouver and the Lower Mainland making relocations streamlined and hassle-free.

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Ready for a hassle-free moving experience? Contact us today and let Salmon’s Transfer make your next move your best move! From packing to transportation to storage, we manage every detail meticulously, letting you focus on the excitement of your new beginning.

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