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A Century of Moving Excellence!

Established in 1913, Salmon’s Transfer has woven its legacy as an iconic moving and storage company in British Columbia. Originating with Frank Salmon’s pioneering journey along ‘The Kings Way’, our story began between the bustling cities of Vancouver and New Westminster.

In the early days, Frank undertook significant contracts, most notably transporting lumber from the sawmills in what we now recognize as Olympic Village, False Creek, to a central settlement located equidistant between Vancouver and New Westminster.

Our Story

By 1915, the heart of the company expanded with Frank’s marriage to Jenny Nelson. Jenny soon became an integral part of the operations, pioneering as the dispatcher. Over the years, the Salmon residence was often buzzing with over 30 employees, with many joining the family for a monthly meal.

Over time, as the 1950s dawned, Salmon’s Transfer burgeoned into a household name. With its growth came an expansion of our diligent crews. Mr. Salmon, with his bull-like strength, was known not only for his commitment to ensuring quality but also for his love of challenges – particularly moving pianos. Many fondly recall the times he showcased his strength, often single-handedly hoisting heavy furniture to the surprise and amusement of his crew.

Post World War II saw Frank Jr.’s return in 1946, heralding a new era for Salmon’s Transfer. Under his leadership and riding on the wave of the post-war economic surge, the company flourished. By 1972, with its acquisition by Atlas Van Lines, Salmon’s had established a substantial clientele, introduced a special events rental division, Salmon’s Rentals, and expanded its residential and office relocation services.

For four decades, the company thrived as an Employee-Owned entity, with Doug Kellough at its helm as President. During the 80s and 90s, Salmon’s was renowned as the go-to for piano moves, office relocations, and cross-Canada transfers.

A new chapter began in 2018 when entrepreneur Mark Hirschi took the reins. With his rich experience in the moving industry and astute business acumen, he has redefined Salmon’s Transfer for the modern Vancouver market. Under his guidance, 2019 saw the launch of an International Division and an enhanced Special Products division. In 2024, the company expanded once again to have it’s own Restoration Division offering full pre and post clean outs, inventoried pack outs, specialize moving and storage and replacement once the job completes. Today, we proudly collaborate with Top-tier Design Agents, Insurance and Restoration Companies, Laboratories and Universities offering premier warehousing and delivery services.

Join us in our journey, as Salmon’s Transfer continues to move history, one piece at a time.